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Did you know……

Paxton Access Control products are guaranteed for Five Years?

What better peace of mind when deciding on which product to select!

We all want to make sure that our commercial premises are secure from unauthorised people entering, and what better way than to install a Door Access Control System.

You can choose from a code or token entry, or even have a combination of both!

Stand-alone systems are available in most formats, and are ideal where you simply want basic security, but don’t need to know who’s coming and going.

If you want a full range of facilities and control with your door access system, Net2 is the product for you. With it’s powerful software interface, it logs every user and tells you who’s been where and when.

It will integrate with other systems seamlessly, and can even form part of a video door entry system if you want it to!

For more information on our range of Paxton Door Access Control equipment, give us a call or drop us an email, and one of our team will get in touch!